TITAN™ Probe Technologies

Features & Benefits


Precisely manufactured, the MPI TITAN™ Probes incorporate perfectly-matched 50 Ω MEMS contact tips. They ensure unmatched calibration and measurement results over a widest frequency range thanks to superior probe electrical characteristics (minimal insertion loss and crosstalk as well as high return loss).

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Unique Contact Structure

Unlike any other tips on the market, MPI TITAN™ RF probes deliver an excellent and real time visibility of the tip contacts due to the unique protrusion tip design. For the first time, highly accurate positioning of the RF probe on calibration standards or DUT pads became possible even for unexperienced operators and without using probe alignment marks.

Reduced Contact Probe

MPI Corporation expands the family of the RF TITAN Probe by introducing the TITAN-RC Probe. The new probe model features the contact tip width reduced by 33% down to 20 μm. Fully aligned with the industry trend towards further reduction of the pad size for RF devices and ICs, the TITAN-RC probe significantly reduces cost of test for next generation commercial RF and mm-wave silicon devices and ICs. It enables accurate, and reproducible measurement results obtained for Si devices with Al pad metallisation as small as 30 x 35 μm. TITAN-RC probes are available in GSG tips configuration with probe pitch from 50 μm to 150 μm.

Outstanding Lifetime

One of the strongest features of TITAN™ Probe technology is its uniform wear-out: after hundreds of thousands probe cycles, the length of the probe tip naturally shrinks. The electrical characteristics, however, remain unchanged due to the unique probe design. Thus, the life time of TITAN™ Probes outperforms the life time of comparable probe technologies.


Last but not least, TITAN™ Probes stand out thanks to a truly affordable price.

Probe Characteristics

26 GHz Probe Model: T26

HP Probe Model: T26P

40 GHz Probe Model: T40

50 GHz Probe Model: T50

67 GHz Probe Model: T67

110 GHz Probe Model: T110

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