TS600-PCB – Large PCB Testing with Enhanced Capabilities

The TS600-PCB is our most versatile manual probe station, designed for horizontal and vertical PCB testing up to 610x500mm (active working area up to 550x500mm). Equipped with independent gantries, a Probe Platen Slider Set, and the Microscope SuperZoom SZ12, the TS600-PCB is perfect for RF, mmW , Signal Integrity measurements, Failure Analysis , and Design Validation applications


Features & Benefits



Enable fast and convenient MicroPositioner positioning, providing ample space for MicroPositioners on the East, West, and North sides. The MP60HR-PCB MicroPositioner, with integrated yaw base, is available in left and right versions for maximum flexibility.

Probe Platen Slider Set


Achieve stable and accurate calibration and measurement data with our rail-guided MicroPositioner mounting, ensuring precise probe positioning with adjusted probe orientation. The instrumentation mmW extenders mount close to the RF probe for optimum stability and accuracy, available for broadband Keysight integration up to 125 GHz and Anritsu integration up to 110 GHz.

Microscope SuperZoom SZ12


Obtain high optical resolution and a large field of view with our automated aperture control microscope. With a 95mm working distance and 2.5µm resolution, it’s ideal for tiny features like RF pads and aligning vertical PCBs via mirrors. The 10x manual zoom range combines a large field of view with high optical resolution for efficient and precise probing.

PCB Holder


Easily mount PCBs horizontally or vertically with our adaptable breadboard top plate design. The TS600-PCB accommodates horizontal and vertical PCB holders, providing maximum flexibility for various testing configurations. The horizontal PCB holder features screwed clamps for large boards and flexible feet with a magnetic base for smaller boards, while the vertical PCB holder includes a dedicated board holder for convenient size adjustment.

MPI TITAN™ Probes for Probing on PCB


Rely on TITAN™ probes for consistent data and reliable probing on rough and uneven pads and traces. Featuring spring-loaded individual contacts, shortest tip width, and a variety of styles, TITAN™ probes ensure precise and accurate new deep and extra deep versions ensure convenient probing on populated PCB’s up to mmW frequencies.

QAlibria® – Accurate RF System Calibration


Enhance your MPI manual probe station’s capabilities with QAlibria® , an RF system calibration software designed to ensure the most accurate RF calibration up to the mmW frequency range. QAlibria® supports a wide range of calibration methods and is compatible with custom on-wafer standards, commercial RF probes, and calibration substrates.