TS300-PCB – Large Wafer and PCB Testing

The TS300-PCB is our most adaptable manual probe station, designed for testing on wafers up to 300mm and large PCB boards up to 610x500mm. Ideal for RF, mmW , Signal Integrity measurements, Failure Analysis , and Design Validation applications, the TS300-PCB features an air-bearing stage, Probe Hover Control™, and a dedicated probe platen with large microscope movement for extensive probing coverage.


Features & Benefits

Air-Bearing Stage


The MPI unique air-bearing stage design, with simple single-handed puck control, provided unsurpassed convenience of operation for fast XY navigation and quick wafer loading without compromising accurate and fine positioning capability with the additional fine and accurate 25×25 mm XY-Theta micrometer movement.

Unique Platen Lift
with Probe Hover Control™


The highly repeatable (1 µm) platen lift design with three discrete positions for contact, separation (300 µm), and loading (3 mm) with a safety lock utility are all examples of unparalleled functionality incorporated into MPI TS300-PCB manual probe system. These features prevent unexpected probe or wafer damage while providing intuitive control, accurate contact positioning, and safety set-up. This capability is especially critical if probes in mmW and sub-THz range are so cost intensive.

Additional Probe Hover Control™ comes with hover heights (50, 100 or 150 µm) for easy and convenient probe to pad alignment.

Dedicated Probe Platen


TS300-PCB offers a standard 20 mm probe platen height movement and rectangular or arbitrary adjustments for MPI RF MicroPositioners providing TDR impedance, S-parameters, cross-talk, broadband S-parameter measurements up to 220 GHz. In combination with the large microscope movement and the special PCB holder, the platen design makes the system capable for probing over an expanded area of 20” x 18” (500 x 460 mm).

PCB Holder


TS300-PCB can accommodate a variety of ambient or 300 mm PRIME thermal chucks and/or a large holder for printed circuits board’s sizes up to 24” x 20”(610 mm x 500 mm). The dedicated PCB holder can be used for probing on smaller boards down to 2”x 2” (50 mm x 50 mm) or up to packaged ICs and incorporates two AUX chucks made of ceramics for accurate RF calibration in the mmW range.

MPI SENTIO® for Manual Probe Systems


Simplify and optimize your probing process with our revolutionary multi-touch prober control software suite, SENTIO®. This software enables programmable microscope stage navigation and automated RF calibration for MPI manual probe stations.

MPI TITAN™ Probes for Probing on PCB


Rely on TITAN™ probes for consistent data and reliable probing on rough and uneven pads and traces. Featuring spring-loaded individual contacts, shortest tip width, and a variety of styles, TITAN™ probes ensure precise and accurate new deep and extra deep versions ensure convenient probing on populated PCB’s up to mmW frequencies.

QAlibria® – Accurate RF System Calibration


Enhance your MPI manual probe station’s capabilities with QAlibria® , an RF system calibration software designed to ensure the most accurate RF calibration up to the mmW frequency range. QAlibria® supports a wide range of calibration methods and is compatible with custom on-wafer standards, commercial RF probes, and calibration substrates.