Corporate Governance

Board of Directors (BOD)


Major Internal Policies


The Company’s 10 largest shareholders:

April 30, 2023

Name of Major Shareholders
Own Shareholding
Shares heldRatio of shareholding (%)
MPI Investment Co., Ltd.8,334,6268.84
MORGAN STANLEY & CO. INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Account managed by HSBC as the custodian3,379,4143.59
Bank SinoPac employee stock ownership trust account entrusted by MPI Corporation1,571,0761.67
Ko, Chang-Lin1,425,9941.51
Barclays Capital SBL/PB investment account entrusted to Citibank1,207,0001.28
Labor pension fund under the new system1,179,0001.25
Public Service Pension Fund1,105,0001.17
Merrill Lynch International investment account entrusted to HSBC986,2091.05
Cathay Technology Fund910,0000.97
Capital High-Tech Fund entrusted to Taiwan Business Bank850,0000.90