Information Security Policy

Company Information Security Policy

  • Ensure the confidentiality of the company’s trade secret (Business secret) and customer data
  • Ensure the availability and integrity of the information applications of the core business operations and their support services and equipment
  • Ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the information security management mechanism


Information Security Policy Statement

In order to ensure the sustainable development of the company and fulfill customer commitments, the company had established the company’s information security policies, operating procedures and methods to improve information risk management, strengthen information security management mechanisms, implement information security protection, and improve the level of information security. Make relevant personnel and important partners of the company’s offices following these rules.


Information Security Organization and Responsibilities

  • MPI set up an Information Security Organization to handle matters relating to information security and crisis management so as to prevent leakage of business secrets of not only our own, but also those of global partners and our precious customer base. When an emergency occurs, MPI will respond quickly and restore normal operation in the shortest and safest time possible to reduce damages that may occur.
  • The Information Security Organization consists of the General Manager, the Information Security Committee, the Management Representative, the Information Security Incident Response, and the Information Security Implementation Teams. It also consults with external scholars, experts, and civil professional organizations to strengthen cooperation and experience.

Based on ISO 27001 principles, MPI established an Information Security Management System with formal information security risk assessment and management processes. After establishing the above policies, procedures, and other security measures, MPI can ensure the appropriateness and effectiveness while continuously reviewing and evaluating cyber security regulations and procedures.


In addition, our staff receive regular ongoing training in cyber security to maintain MPI’s leadership in security management.


Information Security Certificate