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TS3000-SiPH Automated Probe System | 300mm Probing System

300mm Probing System | 300mm Probe Station  

MPI SiPH Probe Systems

MPI SiPH Probe Systems

TS3000 for Silicon Photonics on Wafer Test

MPI dedicated SiPH upgrades are available for TS2000-SE, TS3000, TS3000-SE, TS3500 and TS3500-SE probe system platforms, these upgrades enable:

  • Various options of high-precision fiber alignment systems for ultra-fast scanning routines
  • Multiple measurement capabilities for O-O, O-E, E-O and E-E device configuration
  • Integrated Z-sensing for detecting the fiber to wafer contact point
  • Crash protection when using two optical fiber arms
  • Wide temperature range from -40°C to 200°C
  • Optional dark box for testing in light tight environment
  • Extensive software package for supporting easy integration to operator’s test executive

Features & Benefits

Silicon Photonics Alignment System Integration

Silicon Photonics Fiber Alignment Systems

Various fiber positioning stages and associated software can be used in concert with MPI’s SiPH probe systems. Short probe arms and a reduced platen to chuck distance allows shorter overall fibre length for performing repeatable low noise measurements. Solutions for single fiber and multi-fiber-arrays are available, all utilise automated z- height and profiling methods to maintain probe height above optical I/O’s to within a few microns.

SiPH Integrated Measurement Instrumentation

Integrated measurement instrumentation

The silicon photonics instrument shelf consists all required components of the positioning control hardware, seamless integrated without adding additional floor space. It is placed in user friendly distance for convenient setup operation.

Feel the Difference

MPI Software Suite SENTIO®

Software Suite SENTIO®

MPI automated engineering probe systems are controlled by a unique and revolutionary, multi-touch operation SENTIO® Software Suite – simple and intuitive operation saves significant training time, the Scroll, Zoom, Move commands mimic modern smart mobile devices and allows everyone to become an expert in just minutes. Switching between the active application and the rest of the APPs is just matter of a simple finger sweep.

For easy test executive integration of the SiPH functionality MPI is providing free sample scripts. Those are covering all necessary operation required for automated testing.