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TS3500 Series with WaferWallet™ = Accuracy + Flexibility + Automation

TS3500 Series with WaferWallet™ = Accuracy + Flexibility + Automation

TS3500-SE Probe Station with WaferWallet

TS3500 and TS3500-SE are equivalent in features to MPI’s well-known and established TS3000 and TS3000-SE 300 mm probe stations with the added fully-automated capability by configuring or upgrading with MPI’s unique WaferWallet™. MPI’s solution is lowering the customer’s overall cost-of-test by providing full automation for less than other vendor’s semi-automated products.

Features & Benefits

TS3500-SE Probe Station with WaferWallet

The WaferWallet™

Common practice for Device Characterization in the Modeling and New Technology Development processes is to extract data from a typical few wafers via extremely accurate IV-CV, 1/f, RF, mmW, and Load-pull measurements.

MPI’s WaferWallet extends the TS3500 series automation without compromising measurement capability. The WaferWallet is designed with five individual trays for manual, ergonomic loading of 150, 200, or 300 mm “modeling” wafers. Fully-automated tests with up to five identical wafers at different temperatures are now possible.

TS150 TS200 TS300 Optic Tilting
TS150 TS200 TS300 Optic Ttilting
TS150 TS200 TS300 Optic Ttilting
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Hot and Cold Wafer’s Swapping

Returning the chuck to ambient is no longer required during the wafer loading and unloading process. With the WaferWallet, MPI provides valuable time savings via a unique capability of load/unloading wafers while the chuck remains at any test temperature.

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Test Automation

Simple and cost-effective manual in-tray wafer alignment via notch indicator makes initial wafer loading fast and reliable. Dependent upon operational methodology, other options include wafer Pre-aligner, ID reader or PTPA capability on the TS3500-SE are additional features increasing levels of automation.

Feel the Difference

SENTIO® Dashboard

SENTIO® Dashboard

MPI’s SENTIO® 3.0 Software Suite with advanced GUI design is based on the revolutionary patented technologies:

  • Multi-touch, intuitive operation
  • Single window GUI, like common mobile devices
  • Dashboard view of the system status for simplified navigation
  • Intelligent, predictable operational guidance
  • Free upgrades for the life of the probe station

With a simple view of the WaferWallet™ Dashboard, the operator can recognize the loaded or empty trays, wafer diameter (150 or 200 or 300 mm), flat/notch orientation, wafer ID (if applicable), percentage of WaferMap tested and much more.

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