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MPI provides a pleasant working environment where everyone is valued and respected. From delicious free meals to thoughtful and caring employee services, we uphold the values of integrity, innovation, collaboration, and contenment. We believe everyone will find their own stage to shine at MPI. Join us at MPI and become part of the family!

At MPI, we uphold the people-centric corporate culture to provide our employees a workplace with a comprehensive management system and rewarding compensation package. This includes competitive base salaries, regular salary raises, performance-based bonuses, as well as a range of diverse benefits and allowances. We are committed to offering our employees a healthy and exceptional working environment.

Recreation and Entertainment
Mind-Nourishing Life
Vitality Program
Thoughtful Services
Health and
Recreation and Entertainment
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In addition to an in-house fitness center and aerobics room, we also provide badminton and table tennis facilities for our employees to engage in sports and fitness activities. We occasionally organize various sports competitions, outdoor events, and family day activities.

Mind-Nourishing Life
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We offer our employees a rich cultural and artistic experience to enjoy a mind-nourishing lifestyle. Our library houses plenty of collections of books and the latest magazines. We periodically provide free concert tickets, offer diverse high-quality lectures and organize various activities. Additionally, our rooftop garden serves as a serene retreat for our employees to relax and unwind.

Vitality Program
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At MPI, we not only provide a pleasant working environment but also take thoughtful consideration of your leisure life. You will enjoy diverse employee benefits, such as travel and departmental dinner subsidies. Upon on-board, employees are entitled to paid annual leave and flexible leave options that exceed the requirements set by Labor Standards Act.

Thoughtful Services
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Our employee cafeteria provides four exquisite meals daily, free of charge. We also offer convenient ticket/voucher ordering and access to a vast network of partner stores, free parking spaces, and employee dormitories at discounted rates. On top of being enrolled in labor and health insurance from the first day of employment, we offer company-paid group insurance for our employees. We also provide the option for employees to purchase highly discounted group insurance for their family members, as well as domestic travel insurance.

Health andWell-Being
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We provide annual employee health check-ups, monthly on-site doctor consultation services, gynecological examinations by partner hosipitals, and regularly organize health promotion activities. Our facilities include a health center supported by full-time nurse, lactation room, and dedicated equipment.

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Compensation and Benefits

  • Competitive annual salary
  • Bonuses and gift vouchers
  • Rewards and profit-sharing
  • Performance-based salary adjustments and bonuses
  • Annual Travel/Book allowance
  • Employee cafeteria with complimentary meals
  • In-house facilities: library, free parking spaces, fitness center, and aerobics room...
  • Employee accommodations with discount rates
  • Allowance for marriage, funeral, celebrations, and childbirth
  • Comprehensive learning and training programs
  • Discounts at various appointed stores
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Paid annual leave that exceeds the requirements set by Labor Standards Act.
  • Regular health check-ups
  • On-site physician twice in a month
  • Maternity leave, paternity leave, menstrual leave, and other legally mandated leaves are provided following the law
  • The appropriation of employee pensions follows the Labor Standards Law system.
Diverse Learning and Sustainable Development

At MPI, we are dedicated to offering comprehensive training programs, ranging from onboarding orientation, professional skills development, management capabilities, occupational health and safety, to self-improvement courses. We strive to integrate learning and training with your work and personal life.

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On-Board Orientation

For new-hires at MPI, we provide orientation to introduce the company's vision, mission, organization structure, and future development. This ensures that employees have a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities, enabling them to quickly assimilate into the corporate culture and work environment.

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Management Skills Training

We provide training programs for supervisors at different levels. These programs focus on enhancing their understanding of the company's business philosophy, decision-making processes, leadership skills, and cross-departmental communication and coordination abilities. The aim is to enhance their management skills and cultivate excellent managerial talent for the company's future.

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Professional Skills Training

We offer a variety of practical courses to employees in different functions, focusing on providing them with professional knowledge, skills, and concepts. These training programs aim to enhance their expertise and knowledge in their respective fields, ultimately improving their job performance.

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Occupational Health and Safety Training

We provide training programs that focus on strengthening employees' awareness of occupational hazards and enhancing their abilities to respond to emergencies. These programs cover topics such as occupational safety and health regulations, aiming to educate employees on the prevention of work-related accidents and improve their knowledge in this area.

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Self-Development Training

We offer a variety of general lectures, language training, and personal development workshops. These programs aim to provide employees with beneficial tools and knowledge for personal growth and effective adaptation to stressors.

Welcome to Join MPI!

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Employees are MPI's most valuable assets.
We provide a friendly working environment, delicious complimentary meals, and attentive and employee-satisfying support services.

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