MPI SENTIO® Software Suite – Feel The Difference

By using a novel approach based on simplicity and truly intuitive operation, MPI was first to develop a revolutionary multi-touch prober control software suite to address today’s challenges of operating complex test systems. It saves significantly training time and makes the operators’ life as easy as possible!


10 Reasons Why SENTIO®

No.1 Usability


The first ever Single Window GUI for a probe station’s Software Suite provides unsurpassed usability, effectiveness and joy of operation by significantly reducing operator distraction. This approach minimizes operational training and allows everyone to become an expert in just hours.

No. 2 Multi-Touch


A touch screen is the standard user interface of all modern devices: portables, cars, entertainment systems… and now MPI probers. Scroll, Zoom, Drag-and-Drop, Move, Pan and QuickAlign are just some of the multi-touch functions which users already enjoy in their daily lives. For operators used to traditional methods of control, the system maintains support of mouse and keyboard interaction.

No. 3 The DashBoard™


The software always initiates with the SENTIO® DashBoard™. In this overview the probe system is mapped distinctively to guide the operator by clicking the active and clearly visible probe system’s components such as wafer chuck, AUX chucks, microscope, MicroPositioners, wafer loader, and others. GUI animations support the intuitive feedback of overall system status.

No. 4 “Picture in Picture”


With just one single touch the operator can switch between Vision and WaferMap, by keeping the previous module as an embedded overlay window. The “picture in picture” approach provides easy and fast navigation between the most used modules by keeping continuous live feedback. There is no longer a need for inefficient multi-tab and multi-screen systems.

No. 5 QAlibria® Inside


For RF applications, there is no need to switch to another software platform. The MPI RF calibration software engine QAlibria® is fully integrated within SENTIO® – for ease of use by following a single operational concept methodology.

No. 6 Intelligent


Not only easy and intuitive – MPI engineers designed the software suite to provide for intelligent operation by predicting possible next steps of operation. Anticipated operational guidance and clear full screen wizards leads to faster operation. All sub-menus are based on progressive disclosure and displaying buttons, which only apply for the particular workflow.

No. 7 Safety


Equipment and operator safety are at the forefront of SENTIO® design architecture. SmartVacuum™ functionality and Safety Test Management STM™ are two primary examples of safely guiding the process flow with meaningful wizards and drop-down messaging.

No. 8 Connectivity


Implementation of native drivers allows SENTIO® to be efficiently integrated into all commonly used test executive suites. WaferMap export/import, executable Emulation Modes for 3rd party or legacy remote command sets, free sample codes in LabVIEW, Python, LUA… all make SENTIO® seamlessly integrated with standard test environments.

No.9 Upgradability


SENTIO® upgrades are free for the life of the system. Upgradability is built into the software kernel and easily performed like computer operational system upgrades. No additional service costs are required.

No.10 Ready for the Future


SENTIO® software is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10 (64-Bit). No registration is necessary and software upgrades are free for life.

SENTIO® is another great example of MPI’s relentless innovation and technology leadership, with a focus on reduced cost of test utilizing simple, safe, and intuitive probe system operation.

SENTIO® is ready for the test. Come and “Feel the Difference”!