MPI Engineering Probe Systems

Variety of Test Systems


The MPI Advanced Semiconductor Test Division is providing a wide range of engineering probe systems addressing the specific requirements of various market segments and applications such as Device Characterization for modelingFailure AnalysisDesign Verification, IC engineeringWafer Level Reliability as well special requirements for MEMS, High PowerRF and mmW device testing.


Wafer Probing

Our Mission


The AST mission is to provide engineering Test Solutions with a Modest Price Structure that does not compromise quality in any way.

We guarantee the highest value for the price on all comparable products within our market – period.

The TS series modular design concept allows a unique upgrade path towards reduced cost of ownership.


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Relentless Innovation


MPI Advanced Semiconductor Test Division’s ability to understand customer and market requirements FAST and having the talent to turn those learnings into INNOVATIVE, never seen before Engineering Probe Systems, are the key differentiators to other products on the market.

As technology and innovation leaders MPI Engineering Probe Systems are pioneering in many areas with features only found on Advanced Semiconductor Test Division products.



The thoughtful and all-inclusive approach of integrating measurement instruments, high-power probes, Kelvin Probes, RF Probes, RF Calibration Software and Thermal Chucks, and variety of different Accessories clearly demonstrates the exceptional value of MPI engineering probe systems.


ShielDCap™ allows up to 4-port RF or up to 8-ports DC/Kelvin probes set up in the EMI and light tight shielded environment.