Advanced Semiconductor Test



The Advanced Semiconductor Test (AST) division is built based upon a unique combination of

  • Manufacturing Excellence and
  • Systems Reliability

incorporated from MPI’s worldwide market leadership position in LED Test Equipment with a global installed base of more than 10,000 systems for 24/7 operation and

  • Decades of Engineering probe systems Market Expertise from the AST management team.
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By developing Test Solutions (TS), with features based upon:

  • Visionary and Innovative Ideas,
  • A Vast Amount of Application Experience

obtained from long-term market interactions and becoming part of an existing

  • MPI Customer Centric Culture



  • Understanding customer requirements,
  • Solving complex problems,
  • Reducing the overall cost of test and
  • Increasing test cell efficiency

are AST major drivers to continuously provide more value to MPI customers.

Cost Down



The AST division is proud to offer outstanding Engineering Probe Systems and RF Probes products, global service, and superior application support with unsurpassed values.

Learn more about MPI’s value creation strategy: Vector Semiconductor and Allstron Corporation.

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