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MPI TS50 – The University Talent

MPI TS50 – The University Talent

MPI TS50 Manual Probe Station

The MPI TS50 manual probe system has been specifically designed for IC Engineering, Single Die probing and academic use in DC/CV and RF measurement applications. The TS50 with the small footprint (300 x 300 mm) is engineered to its simplest form to allow convenient operation and providing quick set-up without compromising functionality and measurement capability.

Features & Benefits

Easy Stage

The TS50 can be configured with two different versions of chuck stage control. The Easy Stage is very simple vacuum controlled, singe handed operated unit, which allows very fast and intuitive XY-Theta movement. This is the typical configuration for simple DC/CV applications.

Linear 50x50mm XY Stage

The linear 50x50mm XY stage enables fast and independent axis movement with additional fine and accurate 25x25mm XY-Theta micrometer positioning. The must option for RF or in combination with thermal chuck.

20 mm Height Adjustment

The probe platen has 20 mm of fine height adjustment required to support various applications, and can be used for contact/separation control of all MicroPositioners together.

Triaxial Chuck

For RF applications, the TS50’s 50mm triaxial chuck is installed with an auxiliary chuck built in ceramic material for accurate RF calibration.

Rectangular Adjustment of MicroPositioners

In addition, rectangular adjustment of the two port RF MicroPositioners is a standard feature to guarantee the alignment between the RF Probes.

Multiple Configurations of MicroPositioners

It can be configured with up to eight MPI MP25 or six MPI MP40 MicroPositioners for multiple pad and device layout requirements.

Various Optic Options

A wide range of Optics is available with a choice between stereo for all common DC/CV applications or single tube high magnification microscopes for RF or load-pull configurations. 

IC Holder

An optional single IC holder transforms the TS50 into the ideal platform for single DUT testing down to 1x1mm. It includes a stable and convenient vacuum switch to properly secure chip sizes as large as 10x10mm. The incorporation of an integrated Calibration Substrate holder at a parallel height allows for RF measurements and can be mounted on any chuck including a variety of thermal chucks.

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