Prober Series Products

MPI’s prober series has developed from 2001. Within last 14 years, MPI’s prober is devoted in LED and diode mass production application. Not only wafer probing but also singulated die testing on tape can be applied on MPI prober system. Compact, fast and stable probers with both semi-auto and fully-auto solution has dominate LED testing market for years. Wide probing solutions for all kind of applications can be found in MPI prober series.
For optical device, pad and emitting area may be designed at the top of die surface or designed at the opposite surface of die. Corresponding to the design, MPI’s prober can be separated into top probing system, bottom probing system and single die testing system. For top probing system, MPI prober provides high accurate table, soft needle contact and great optical measurement structure. For bottom probing system MPI prober provides rigid moving table, flexible material handling methods and most accurate optical measurement solution. For single die testing system, MPI prober provides optical device testing under full flux environment. Three major measurement structures apply in varies optical device requirement. MPI prober will provide these requirement with efficiently and accurate solution.
All three prober series are descripted in three sections: Top prober series, Bottom prober series and Die prober series. If relative system specification and application reference are required, please contact us.
Please contact MPI’s PA division with your specific requirements and let us design your next solution.