Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) based optical sensing technologies are finding their way into numerous consumer (Facial Recognition, Gesture Sensing, Augmented Reality) and automotive (LiDAR and In-Cabin Monitoring) applications. MPI’s comprehensive portfolio of test and measurement solutions are ready to meet the demands of the VCSEL based optical sensing market.


MPI wafer/chip probers for VCSEL and Laser Diode testing

MPI’s array of optical sensing solutions are well suited for the demands of both production and engineering environments. We are ready to meet customer’s critical testing and back-end processing needs:

    • Parametric Test and Measurement
    • Material Handling
    • Inspection
    • Wafer Level Reliability Test (WLBI)

MPI optical sensing solutions have been designed to meet the entire spectrum of VCSEL designs and configurations.

    • Front Emitting VCSEL
    • Rear Emitting VCSEL (Flip-Chip)
    • Wafer, Package, & Die Level



The Light-Current-Voltage (LIV) sweep test is a fundamental optical measurement used to determine the operating characteristics of devices such as laser diodes (LDs) and VCSELs.

MPI specializes in integrating a variety of Source and Measurement Units (SMU) providing accurate and synchronized power and voltage measurements in both pulsed (mS to nS) and CW modes.

    1. High speed nanosecond test instrumentation capability
    2. Electrical, Mechanical & Thermal system design to minimize the effects of self-heating, contact resistance and parasitics
    3. High speed optical measurements using integrating spheres for both low and high power VCSELs

Pulse Width at 10µs

Pulse Width from 10µs to 500µs

High Speed Pulsed Optical Measurements

    • Laser Diode Driver Integration for LiDAR / Time of Flight (TOF) applications
    • High fidelity current stimulus control enabled by MPI’s high frequency probe card technologies
    • Synchronized electrical/optical measurements and data capture
    • Interleaved current pulse generation for enhanced high throughput testing

Optical Spectrum Measurements

Spectral measurement & analysis over a broad range of temperatures.

Spectrum Measurement

-40°C ~ 125°C Measurement Capability

Laser Characterization

Laser Characterization

Laser Electrical / Optical performance characterization



Superior Optical Expertise and System Integration Capability for Customer’s Requiring High Volume Manufacturing, Development and Test of Laser Diodes

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      • High precision test and measurement results

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      • High quality probing with optimizing automation

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      • Proactive service and training support to keep your equipment running with minimal interruptions

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      • Controlling all aspects of mechanical/electrical device contact

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      • Customer-centric customizable solutions for your specific requirements


Optical Communications


Precision test and measurement solution for optical devices such as Photo Detectors and Laser Diodes

Silicon Photonics


Dedicated SiPH on-wafer tests designed to perform repeatable low noise measurements

Micro Display


Accurate probing tool combined with idea mass transfer method



Complete solution covers testing, sorting, and inspection from wafer to package die level

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