Sorter Series


Since 2005, MPI’s PA division has supported Light Emitting Diode(LED) and discrete device handling. With emphasis on LED applications, the LEDA brand sorter is devoted to small chip mapping and multi-bin sorting applications. These innovative solutions provide fast and stable picking/placing technology with small chip identification, mapping and control.

The LEDA brand sorters address both chip and package applications. M76FP series are perfectly suited for sorting LED chips, especially in GaN, GaAs, vertical chip and LED flip chips. Dimension from 0.15mm to 2mm chips can be support with M76FP. On the other hand, the M76XLP series addresses the sorting of LED flat surface and lenses package devices. MPI’s picking and placing technology is at the heart of all our sorting products. Options for tape to tape reel/tray are also available.

Please contact MPI’s PA division with your specific requirements and let us design your next solution.