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Kestrel Probe Card

 Kestrel Probe Card | MEMS Probe Cards | Low Forcer Probe Card | Low Force MEMS Probe Cards | Wafer Probe Card

The Kestrel Probe Card is equipped with MEMS wire (MW) needle which is designed for the demand of low force probing. It also comes with the ability to satisfy high C.C.C. and high pin counts application. The MEMS process ensures highly consistent needle characteristics, and the special structure design enables precise alignment and planarity control.

Kestrel Key Features

  • MEMS wire needle for Cu pillar bump probing
  • Applicable for full array and multi-DUT layout
  • Extreme low force below 2.2gf
  • Ideal for pitch above 80μm
  • Wire type needle for easy maintenance
  • Applicable for auto assembly