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Cantilever Probe Card

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MPI Cantilever Probe Card is widely applied on gold bump and pad wafer testing for display driver, logic, and memory device. MPI’s cantilever probes are the corresponding answer to the demands of fi­ne pitch, small pad size, high speed, less cleaning, multi-DUT, high pin count, and ultra-low leakage requirements. With outstanding craftsmanship, innovative architecture and proven methodologies based on mechanical and electrical simulation/measurement results, making MPI the top cantilever provider worldwide.

Cantilever Key Features

  • Perform multi-DUT configurations with diagonal or shelf applications for extraordinary alignment and planarity
  • Lessen thermal deformation during high or low temperature tests
  • High speed solution by R+ and U+ structure for stringent PI and SI applications
  • Stable and low contact resistance performance via advanced probe materials and design
  • Short lead time ideal for engineering device