MPI Corporation Announces Industry Acceptance of TS150-THZ Probe System

Taiwan, May 20th, 2016 – As a result of numerous orders corresponding with the growth of terahertz frequency range measurements in the wafer test market, MPI Corporation has received industry wide acceptance of the TS150-THZ probe station as the standard for these complicated high frequency measurements. The TS150-THZ addresses the challenging test requirements of multiple emerging markets and applications, such as automotive radar, non-invasive imaging, defense, security and surveillance as well as short-range radar and high-speed 5G communication. Decades of experience in RF measurement techniques from the management team of MPI’s Advanced Semiconductor Test (AST) Division also leverages other AST products such as RF Probes, RF probing accessories and RF calibration software QAlibria® for TS150-THZ development.

The TS150-THZ was designed from ground up specifically for THz probing incorporating many unique and innovative features to include seamless integration of vector network analyzer (VNA) frequency extenders of any type and frequency band to provide the maximum possible measurement dynamic range and reproducibility of measurement results. Together with its rigid probe platen, it inherited common features of MPI manual systems, such as an air bearing stage, and a highly repeatable platen lift with three discrete positions.

“With the TS150-THZ, we are addressing a significant need for accurate and confident data obtained in the university and R&D laboratories under very challenging measurement conditions”, says Dr. Andrej Rumiantsev, Director of RF Technologies of AST Division. “Measurements at sub-THz frequency range are associated with repeated and tedious system reconfiguration to switch between VNA frequency bands and system calibration. Also, the probe system may be operated by several users sharing various level of expertise. The pioneering option of the MP80-DX positioner with an integrated digital micrometer enabled outstanding simplicity and boosted the accuracy and repeatability of the multiline TRL system calibration for unexperienced operators in a much shorter time. Another unique feature is the integration of QAlibria® with StatistiCAL® Plus, the software package from NIST. It completes the loop of precise system calibration and metrology-level analysis of measured data”.

A dove-tail interface of dedicated frequency extender adaptations makes switching between different bands as easier than ever. Positioner platforms support both coaxial and waveguide extenders. Modular chucks are available in thermal and non-thermal configurations with auxiliary chucks and with the special surface optimized for any type of the device design. These options allow for fast and easy setups in a very complicated application and make the TS150-THZ far superior to older methodologies for THz probing.

The TH150-THZ can be configured with MPI’s advanced RF accessories such as, RF MicroPositioners, RF cables, calibration substrates and TITAN™ RF probes to ensure precise and accurate RF measurements. With integration of the VNA extenders closer to the DUT, the MPI partnership with Rohde & Schwarz, and new advanced calibration techniques, the TS150-THZ manual probe system becomes a complete measurement solution that addresses the complexities of RF measurements at mm-wave and THz frequency ranges.

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