MPI Announced TITAN™ Multi-Contact Probe for RF IC Characterization

Taiwan, May 2nd, 2019 – MPI Corporation introduces the TITAN™ Multi-Contact Probe, the further advances of company’s TITAN™ RF probing technology for challenges of testing modern Si RF ICs.


TITAN™ Multi-Contact Probe allows customers to configure up to 15 probe channels for RF, bias and logic IC terminals featuring company’s proprietary MEMS contact tip with the one of a kind contact point visibility. It offers the unique combination of the contact width of 20 μm with the smallest probe pitch starting from 50 μm, and the longest lifespan of over 1 million touchdown cycles on Al pads.


TITAN™ Multi-Contact Probe was designed to reduce the cost of test of modern silicon highly-integrated RF ICs by probing on small pads and providing the longest lifespan, affordable price and short lead time”, says Andrej Rumiantsev, Director of RF Technologies of MPI Corporation’s Advanced Semiconductor Division. “Being the shortest probe of its kind, it enables over-temperature characterization of large ICs in shielded environment over a wide temperature range and, at the same time, it is the most convenient probe to use.”


The TITAN™ Multi-Contact Probe is another example of how MPI engineers help customers solve challenges of rapidly developing and highly-competitive RF IC market.


About MPI Corporation

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