Corporate Chronology

1995 Company Established
1997 Technology Transfer from MJC
1998 Capable of Memory 32DUT probe card repair
1999 Capable of 50um fine pitch technology
2000 Original manufacturing facility (Chupei)
Tainan Branch and Repair Center Established
2001 Pass ISO 9001 Quality System Certification
New product Semi-Auto Prober released for LED wafer testing
2002 MPI IPO Registered and Approved
2003 MPI IPO Over –The-Counter
New product Vertical type probe card released
Facility expansion #1 completed
2004 Facility expansion #2 completed
MPI jumped to 6th place in the Top 10 ranking of worldwide probe card manufacturers
2006 Luzhu, Kaohsiung Probe Card facility no. 1
2007 Luzhu, Kaohsiung Probe Card facility no. 2
2008 MPI received 5th times from Economy affairs industry department as “important industrial technology partner award”
2009 Taiwan Patent department announced MPI as “2008 top 100 local innovative companies”
2012 2nd manufacturing facility opened (Chupei)
2014 3rd manufacturing facility opened (Xinpu)
2017 MPI America office opening (San Jose, CA)
MPI Suzhou office opening (Suzhou, China)


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