Temperature Cycle Chamber –  Temperature Cycling Test –  Test Chambers –  Thermal Shock Chamber –  Temperature Test Chambers

 Thermal Test Equipment –  Temperature Cycling Test –  Temperature Test Chambers –  Thermal Shock Chamber –  Environmental Test Chamber

Temperature Cycle Chamber –  Thermal Cycling Chamber –  Environmental Test Chamber –  Temperature Cycle Chamber –  Temperature Test Chambers

Temperature Cycle Chamber –  Environmental Test Chambers –  Temperature Testing Chamber –  Thermal Shock Chamber –  Temperature Testing Chamber

Thermal Compact Chamber

TA-5000 ThermalAir Accessory 

The ThermalAir TA-5000 system provides temperature directly to the test application. The Clamshell Style compact chamber in standard and custom dimensions for many size devices and components in Aerospace, Semiconductor, RF Microwave, Automotive electronic, Fiber Optic and other Test Articles.
Our new thermal test technology gives the end user the ability to easily test while controlling the ramp rate speed with one touch temperature set point functions.

Small Temperature Chamber

 Thermal Shock –  Thermal Test Chamber – Temperature Controlled Chamber – Temperature Forcing Systems – Temperature Test Chamber

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Benchtop Environmental Test Chambers

The MPI ThermalAir Temperature Cycling Systems and Thermal Test Chambers are Adaptable.

Whether you’re testing semiconductor devices, automotive sensors, fiber optic components, microwave hybrids, MCMs, PCBs or any type of electronic and non-electronic parts, we can connect to your test setup to bring temperature cycling capabilities directly to your bench top or test station.


Download the Datasheets

Temperature Test at the Workstation

Electronics and Electromechanical components continue to infiltrate all aspects of commercial and industrial use. Temperature test of these devices, components and parts in manufacturing for consumer or industrial markets are required to assure quality and reliability.

Military Defense to Consumer Electronics to Transportation to Cloud Computing Data Centers demand safety, performance, and reliability continues to grow. These components require temperature conditioning and fast temperature cycling at ranges from as cold as -100C to +300C and beyond.

MPI Thermal localized temperature inducing test equipment brings temperature to your test. MPI thermal systems are portable and can easily be moved from one test station to another.  Temperature cycling, thermal profiling and other environmental temperature conditioning is why MPI Thermal systems are part of the manufacturing temperature test processes.

 Environmental Test Chambers –  Thermal Test Chamber –  Temperature Testing Chamber – Temperature Forcing Systems –  Environmental Test Chamber

Compact BenchTop Environmental Test Chambers

 Temperature Cycling Chamber –  Thermal Cycling Chamber –  Environmental Test Chamber –  Environmental Test Chambers –  Test Chambers


  • No LN2 or CO2
  • Interchangeable Chamber Sizes
  • Feed-Thru for connecting Wire & Test Cables to your DUT / UUT
  • User controlled Ramp Rates & Dwell Times
  • Frost Free Operation
  • Additional Internal Temperature Probe

Download the Datasheets


Clamshell Temperature Controlled Chamber – Opens and Closes Easily

Thermal Stream Dimensions

 Temperature Cycling Chamber –  Thermal Cycle Chamber –  Environmental Test Chamber – Temperature Forcing Systems –  Temperature Test Chambers

Control the Ramp Rate Transition Times

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ThermalAir temperature test cycling system easily exceeds the mil-spec temperature range of -55°C to +125°C (actual test range -80°C to +225°C). Fast temperature cycling test in just seconds.

The DC chiller and DC Heater patented technology runs at full temperature performance at any power frequency, 200VAC to 250VAC users facility with 50% greater energy efficiency.

 Environmental Test Chambers –  Thermal Test Chamber –  Temperature Chambers –  Environmental Test Chambers – Temperature Test Chamber

The ThermalAir TA-5000 Accessories & Thermal End Effectors

The ThermalAir TA-5000 Series Temperature Forcing System offers a fully array of accessories to help customize your thermal test application.

Test Chambers

Thermal Accessories

ThermalAir Product Line


Sr. Field Service/Repair Engineer (2 openings)

Job Duties:
Responsible for repair of very high pin count (>30,000 pins) MEM's, vertical and cantilever probe cards (VPC and CPC). Replace PCB electrical components such as: Capacitors, resistors, special MUX IC. Adjust VPC space transformer flatness between MLO substrate and PCB by interposer connection. Evaluate customer feedback on probe card issue and take full card inspection to find the root cause. Provide technical support to customer’s new probe card verification on wafer sort and debug to identify setup issues, wafer product issues or program issues. Conduct training on new probe card and new technology application, including on-line clean and off-line maintenance. Contribute to probe card technical improvement to HQ production line. 30% domestic travel required (travel within US to customers’ sites for field service and repair support)

Job Requirements:
5 yrs. field service support and repair of high pin count (>30,000 pins) vertical probe card and cantilever probe card.

Send resume with Job # 202108  to CareerswithMPIAmerica@mpi-corporation.com