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MPI Cantilever Probe Cards

Cantilever Probe Card designed for the most cost-effective production

As the position of number 1 worldwide ranking on cantilever probe card field, MPI Cantilever Probe Cards are widely applied on pad and gold bump wafer test industries. By sustaining technology innovations, we continue supports the evolutions of semiconductor wafer level technical node and advanced package, we invests value creations particular on demands of fine pitch, small pad size, high speed, less cleaning, multi-DUT, high pin count, as well as ultra-low leakage to fulfill the test requirements for now and future.

Cantilever Probe Cards

MPI Cantilever Probe Cards division has created various products for production test with outstanding workmanship, creative architecture and methods with proven methodologies on both mechanical and electrical simulation/measurement results. The MPI probe card team provides a product series including LCD Driver Probe CardLogic Probe CardParametric (WAT) Probe CardCMOS Image Sensor (CIS) Probe Card.

The probe card industry is facing enormous challenges with evolving Semiconductor and Package technologies. This is directly referring to the ITRS guideline which distinguishes the wafer level probing challenges as below: 

Cantilever Probe Card | LCD Driver Probe Card | Probe Card

LCD Driver Probe Card

  • Geometry
  • Parallel Test
  • Probing at Temperature
  • Product
  • Probe Force
  • Probe Cleaning
  • High Power Devices
  • Contact Resistance
  • High Frequency Probing

MPI Cantilever Probe Card division presents the following products and services for your needs:

Logic Probe Card | Probe Card | High Frequency Probing

Logic Probe Card

  • Geometry: MPI Cantilever Probe Cards are designed and manufactured with excellent peripheral and staggered fine pitch capabilities for small pad size tests
  • Parallel Test: MPI Cantilever Probe Cards easily perform multi-DUT configurations with diagonal or shelf applications for unparalleled alignment and planarity
  • Probing at Temperature: MPI Cantilever Probe Cards employ unique technology to lessen the thermal deformation during high or low temperature tests.
  • Controlled Contact Probe Force: MPI Cantilever Probe Cards are equipped with proper contact for most of aluminum pad, copper pad, slotted copper pad, low-k dielectric and CUP(circuit under pad)/POAC(probing over active circuitry) tests, and prevent the occurrence of pad or ILD(inter-layer dielectric) damage.
Parametric Probe Card | WAT Probe Card

Parametric (WAT) Probe Card

  • Probe Cleaning: MPI has developed material requiring less-cleaning, such as A+, for gold bump testing. These proven designs are able to extend card lifetime due to significantly decreased cleaning and maintenance requirements.
  • High Power Devices: MPI Cantilever Probe Cards are used with a wide range of devices and are capable of stringent CCC (current carrying capability) demands.
  • Contact Resistance: MPI Cantilever Probe Cards offer stable and low contact resistance performance via advanced probe materials and design.
  • High Frequency Probing: MPI Cantilever Probe Cards are specifically designed for high-speed probe applications via creative architectures such as R+ and U+. These features are specifically fitted to stringent SI (signal integrity) and PI (power integrity) applications.
CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) Probe Card | Parametric Probe Card | Logic Probe Card | Probe Card | LCD Driver Probe Card | Wafer Probe Cards

CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) Probe Card