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MPI Cobra Probe Cards

Cobra Probe Card designed for mass production

MPI Cobra Probe Cards are a widely known fine pitch buckling beam probe card technology. Cobra buckling beam probe is applicable from early engineering pilot-runs to mass production on various wafer probing test applications. MPI’s technology includes both the most reliable performance and ease of use.

Cobra Probe Cards

MPI Cobra Probe Cards are a proven solution for a variety of semiconductor production tests including on wafer high volume manufacturing (HVM). Based on improved “Buckling Beam” technology – Cobra  , the cards are adapted for bond pad patterns such as full array,semi-array,peripheral and staggered – chip pattern. MPI’s technology has the world best overall cost-of-ownership (COO) for the following DUT packages :

Advanced Cobra Probe Card | Cobra Probe Card |Advanced Probe Card | Probe Cards

High Pin Count Cobra Probe Card



  • Eutectic Bump
  • Lead-free Bump
  • Copper Pillar (Cu Pillar)
  • Capped Pillar
  • Aluminum Pad

MPI VPC Solution can provide fine pitch probing for different DUT packages to meet high-density Flip chip specification.

APU Cobra Probe Card | Advanced Cobra Probe Card | Cobra Probe Card |Advanced Probe Card | Probe Card

APU Cobra Probe Card

MPI Cobra Probe Cards include high current carrying capability (CCC) and balanced contact force (BCF) . The technology is compatible with state-of-the-art space-transformer architectures. and is ready for applications requiring high signal integrity probing (SI) and/or power integrity probing (PI). Applications include cutting-edge SiPs/SoCs, WLP, graphic processors, microprocessor, industrial microcontrollers, and more.

To achieve the semiconductor chip manufacture time-to-market (TTM) and Cost of Test (COT) demands, MPI’s highly skilled Cobra Probe Card team is collaborating throughout global project members for early engagement on custom designs including printed circuit board (PCB), space transformer (ST) and substrate (SB) design. 

Advanced Cobra Probe Card | Cobra Probe Card |Advanced Probe Card | Probe Card

Advanced Cobra Probe Card


Sr. Field Service/Repair Engineer (2 openings)

Job Duties:
Responsible for repair of very high pin count (>30,000 pins) MEM's, vertical and cantilever probe cards (VPC and CPC). Replace PCB electrical components such as: Capacitors, resistors, special MUX IC. Adjust VPC space transformer flatness between MLO substrate and PCB by interposer connection. Evaluate customer feedback on probe card issue and take full card inspection to find the root cause. Provide technical support to customer’s new probe card verification on wafer sort and debug to identify setup issues, wafer product issues or program issues. Conduct training on new probe card and new technology application, including on-line clean and off-line maintenance. Contribute to probe card technical improvement to HQ production line. 30% domestic travel required (travel within US to customers’ sites for field service and repair support)

Job Requirements:
5 yrs. field service support and repair of high pin count (>30,000 pins) vertical probe card and cantilever probe card.

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