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MPI System Accessories

MPI TS150 with Rohde & Schwarz ZNA

MPI offers an extensive selection of dedicated systems accessories as necessary tools for completing common Test Solutions.

Features & Benefits

Vibration Isolation Platform

Vibration isolation platforms are cost-effective solutions for use within standard test environments with less demand for vibration isolation

MPI System Accessories - Vibration Isolation Platform (VIP)

Vibration Isolation Table

All MPI Vibration Isolation Tables (standard or advanced version) have integrated racks for the computer, keyboard tray, optional dual-monitor stands or an instrument shelf for placing instruments and accessories nearby.

TS150 TS200 TS300 Optic Tilting
TS150 TS200 TS300 Optic Ttilting
TS150 TS200 TS300 Optic Ttilting
MPI System Accessories - Vibration Isolation Table
MPI System Accessories - Vibration Isolation Table
MPI System Accessories - Vibration Isolation Table
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The MPI EMI-shielded DarkBoxes are designed to provide a low-noise test environment. The standard utility interfaces provide for use with USB, HDMI, vacuum, pressured air connections, thermal chuck interface, instrument interfaces, LED illumination, and power control. Designed and built by MPI this solution is designed as a premium product at a reasonable cost.

Field Application Engineer

Job Location: San Jose, CA

Job Duties:

  • Assist in developing HW and SW measurement methodologies/solutions for analytical wafer probe solutions with signal applications from DC to millimeter wave frequencies as well as Silicon Photonics (SiPH);
  • Collaborate with customers on their measurement challenges, and provide applications specific product training;
  • Provide pre- and post-sale support to AST, customers, service department, and the sales channel developing HW and SW measurement solutions for analytical wafer probe stations;
  • Define application-specific solutions based on customer-provided device data and facilitate both customer and divisional teams to successful results;
  • Perform product training seminars for customer and sales channels as well as participate in trade shows and technical seminars;
  • Make recommendations regarding product improvement, new products, and quality enhancement;
  • Author, document, publish, and present measurement solutions via Seminars, Applications Notes, Briefs, and White Papers;
  • Prepare, plan, and assist with customer product demonstrations that highlight value-based differentiation of AST product offerings;
  • Develop unique and individual customer presentations designed to professionally position the MPI brand in the North American market and deliver formal presentations to customers.

Job Requirements:

Master’s degree in Electrical Eng., Electronics Eng., Physics, or Photonics; Must possess 6 months of relevant work experience; Travel to customers’ sites in US and headquarters in Taiwan is required.

Send resume to: MPI America, Inc., 2360 Qume Drive, Suite C, San Jose, CA 95131, Attn: Janet Chiang