MPI SkyWalker Line Wafer/Chip Probers

Photodiode Wafer/Chip Probers

MPI introduces SkyWalker brand, a next-generation product series of wafer/chip probers designed to provide fully automated turnkey solutions for photonics/optical devices testing and measurement  (e.g. Photo Detectors and Laser Diodes). The SkyWalker wafer/chip probers, serving as the key product development milestone of MPI PA division, has proven MPI’s ongoing efforts in providing customers with the innovative solutions and technology. Combining MPI’s decades of engineering experience and advanced probing and testing technology, the SkyWalker wafer/chip probers offer precision pico-level Dark Current(DC), low leakage measurement with needle force control, and laser spectrum measurement capabilities from general visible (VIS) to Near Infrared (NIR). Adopting MPI’s tradition, the SkyWalker wafer/chip probers are built under a highly adaptable structure that is easy to upgrade and customize. The SkyWalker wafer/chip probers can flexibly be integrated with various MPI optional accessories such as light sources, thermal chuck systems, edge sensors and needle probes that best fit your testing requirements. Available in Top Side Wafer Prober system and Back Side Wafer Prober system configurations, the MPI SkyWalker brand wafer/chip probers will become your valuable partner for embracing challenges in a mass production environment.

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