About Photonics Automation Division

Having strong relationships throughout the Asia LED manufacturing leaders, MPI’s Photonics Automation (PA) division was established in 2000. Our partnerships within the LED market allowed MPI to quickly offer test solutions with more accurate optical measurements, higher throughput and unsurpassed quality. Based on our customer centric culture, MPI has established the PA division and remains the global LED Test & Measurement leader.

Photonics Automation division offers four major product lines including Probers, Testers, Sorters and AOI inspection systems.  Continued research on wafer level, chip level, device characterization, handling technologies as well as vision system development has rounded the offering in both engineering and mass production environments. The solutions maintain emphasis on applications, research, product development, manufacturing and quality control. With our global experience, MPI’s new products and technologies will continue to make our customers more competitive over many years to come.